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Our synthetic lawns are so real and versatile, you’ll want to use them everywhere. To give you an idea on the best places to use them, we’ve put together a list to spark your creativity.

Around the home

A lush green lawn in the backyard is the dream of many homeowners. The quality synthetic lawn from Australian Lawn Wholesalers means that dream can easily become a reality. No more having to worry about drought, water restrictions, mowing or fertilising.

Our synthetic lawns are soft under-foot, yet perfectly suitable to withstand the kids, pets and the endless games of backyard cricket. Be the envy of your neighbours with year ‘round green in your backyard.

Commercial Settings

Australian Lawn Wholesalers source their synthetic lawn in exceptionally large volumes, so they are well placed to supply commercial quantities for large-scale projects.

Synthetic lawn is ideally suited to commercial applications as it is visually pleasing, low maintenance and hard-wearing.


Synthetic lawn is a terrific alternative to turf for schools, pre-schools and childcare centres. It provides a perfect surface for play and sports, without all the maintenance required for turf.

As a result, significant cost-savings can be achieved by installing synthetic lawn.


Synthetic lawn provides great coverage for playgrounds and areas that children play.

Traditional lawn suffers from numerous issues when used in a playground environment, such as the difficulty of maintenance around poles and slides, and the death of lawn under equipment when equipment rests on it for long periods, all of which doesn’t cause synthetic lawn any issues.


The synthetic lawn products from Australian Lawn Wholesalers are the most realistic on the market. They look great, are hard-wearing, yet still soft under-foot.

Australian Lawn Wholesalers source their synthetic lawn products in large volumes, so always have stock on hand for any size landscape project.


Our synthetic lawns work perfectly around pool and wet environments, and are a great compliment to the overal design of your pool area.

No need to worry about grass blades from mowing being blown in to the water, or mud patches occurring from excessive saturation. You’ll love how easy it is to keep the pool area so neat and tidy.