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If you are as excited as we are by our fantastic range of Artificial Grass & Artificial Turf products, contact us to discuss available opportunities.

We have supplied into the harshest climate – from the harsh climates and wet seasons in Cairn & Townsville to the dry heat in Alice Springs, our products have stood the test. Australian Lawn Wholesalers are the artificial grass specialists, supplying the most realistic artificial grass and synthetic lawn products to a range of retail and wholesale customers throughout Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney.

Artificial Grass & Artificial Turf products – Important features when working with us

  • We have an easy streamlined service.
  • We manage large stock holdings (up to 80,000m2).
  • We provide installation training and assistance.
  • Product development includes extensive testing and a world wide selection process.
  • We provide skill training for our lawn installers. Work with the leading trainers in the market.
  • We have artificial grass storage facilities in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney

Benefits of the products we sell

  • Our lawns are engineered to be a double backed commercial quality.
  • We only sell premium quality and look lawns.
  • Total manufacturing quality control including yarn.
  • UV stabilised to ensure fading is reduced.
  • Testing is completed to ensure the product is heavy metal free.
  • The tensile strength to ensure the product meets long term strength targets.
  • Wear resistance is performed to ensure the product meets long term wear targets.

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