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Products FAQ

We’ve put together the most common Artificial Grass FAQs from the questions we receive from customers. If you like to find out more about Artificial Grass check these out.

If your questions not covered in our Artificial Grass FAQs, please click the ‘Contact Us’ link and send any question about Artificial Grass or Synthetic Lawn and we will be happy to help. We’d be happy to answer anything you want to ask.

Q: How do you maintain synthetic lawn?

Your Artificial turf can be maintained just like any other floor surface. Most spills, including bird and animal droppings, can easily be cleaned with water. Weeds will occasionally grow up along the edges of your artificial turf. These can be quickly eradicated with a simple dose of Round-up or Zero, without any harm to your artificial turf. General cleaning of leaves and debris can be done with a stiff broom, rake or blower-vac.

Q: Will artificial turf withstand pets?

Absolutely! Your animals will love our Artificial Turf, as it has the touch and feel of real turf, yet the hard-wearing capabilities mean it won’t be subjected to urine stains or bare and worn patches. And being synthetic, there will be no pesky grass seeds irritating your pet’s skin.

Q: Is Artificial Grass tough enough for my kids to play on?

Artificial Grass is the perfect playing surface for kids. It is soft enough against their knees, yet tough enough to withstand endless games of backyard cricket and footy. All our Artificial Grass and Synthetic Lawns are also certified heavy metal free.

Q: Will the colour of my Artificial Grass fade?

All our Artificial Grass and Synthetic Lawns have UV stabilisers added to resist fading and are designed for the harsh Australian climate.

Q: What maintenance is needed?

Our Artificial Grass and Synthetic Lawns require virtually no maintenance! Only removing leaves etc from your lawn. Rather than working on your lawn just sit back and enjoy!

Q: Would Rain water affect Artificial Grass or Synthetic Lawns?

All Australian Lawn Wholesaler Artificial Grass and Synthetic Lawns have drainage holes, which allows the rain water to drain through. This ensure surrounding plants will not be effected.

Q: How long does the grass last?

Australian Lawn Wholesaler’s artificial grass is weather proof and can last up to 20 years.